5 Practices to Incorporate into your Routine for Healthy Living

It is alarming that the present generation seems to live by the motto “All work and no play.” Forliving life to the fullest, we need to incorporate a few habits which will keep us in the pink of health. Life is all about living healthy and disease-free. Let’s ease our lives by following 5 simple routines.

5 Practices to Incorporate into your Routine for Healthy Living

Set a wake-up time

Be it a holiday or a working day, wake up at a regular time.Earlymorning is the time you can see the rising sun and hearthe birds chirp. This not only assures you a refreshing morning to get your system going but also gives you time to plan your day. Enjoy some “me”time, you deserve it.


Exercise is not just aboutlosing weight or getting a flat stomach(or six pack). It is something which will get your adrenalin flowing, sweating and releasing all those toxins, to get you fresh for any activity. A static and sedentary lifestyle will only make you fall prey to a number of harmfulconditions related to your heart, stomach or any other part of your body. Follow any form of exercise like aerobics, zumba, swimming, running, or maybe a combination of all.


The benefits of meditation are something people are now becoming aware of. Even as little as 15 to 20 minutes of meditation is beneficial to clear your mind, improve your breathing and functions of nervous system. Keep a set time of the day for this and follow it regularly.

Eat healthy

Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring. You will be spoilt for choice once you start looking for it. There are green and colourful vegetables, organic cereals and delicious fruit smoothies.Make your choice and stick to it. Pizzas, burgers can also be made healthy with whole wheat and grains. Just a little effort and you can ensure that you and your loved ones eat right. Do not forget to take supplements which you can order at online health stores like Zigy.

Drink water

Something as simple as drinking water can help. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and allows your body to function smoothly. It also keeps wrinkles at bay. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water which is necessary for the body’s smooth functioning.

De-stress yourself

Stress has become one of the major killers of the present day and age, having a number of diseases in its kitty. Take a break from your regular routine and indulge yourself with that hobby you always wanted to take up. It will actually relieve you and let your mind relax.

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