Build Your Home With An Eco-Friendly Timber Walls

In the olden days’ people used to use wood as a part of major construction. So it is nothing new that houses are built of wood. The use of wood to build walls has got its own advantages. The wooden walls look great as well as lighten up the house strongly. It proves to provide good insulation as well. The reason for the demand for pre-fabricated timber walls is increasing.

Build Your Home With An Eco-Friendly Timber Walls

At present many people prefer to install the prefabricated timber walls in their homes and offices due to their aesthetic as well as their cost value as part of their property. These walls do not just look good, but they also give one the ultimate resale value for money.

Ways used for construction

  • There are different ways in order to build timber walls and one of them is to collect the prefabricated parts. Then assemble them together in the site.
  • There are prefabrication techniques that are used to construct apartment blocks. The manufacturers can do this in multiple ways.
  • The most popular are two ways, one is the use of timber frames and the other is the use of timber panels. Both of them are very useful and easy to assemble and install.
  • There are instances when the prefabricated timber walls are arranged and conglomerated at a single place, they are built and then taken to that particular site where they need to be installed. Every frame of the timber is engineered equally and it can be customized according to the choice of the customers.

Uses of timber walls

  • A timber frame is resistant to water as it is built with waterproof membrane. It also has a structural frame of timber, a barrier from vapour and the inner lining of the plaster board is insulated.
  • The timber frame can be applied with a range of claddings that is used in the building of houses that includes stone, brick and tiles.
  • The timber frame that is insulated has low thermal capacity relatively. They can respond quickly to heat in those houses where heating is intermittent. It is ensured in all construction that the heating system is compatible to the fabric of the building. The timber walls also respond well to the occupancy pattern.
  • Unlike other construction process, the timber walls construction is not required to draught seal the doors and windows, leading to no loss of ventilation. Hence it is very much in demand by the construction builders.

What are the benefits of prefabricated timber walls?

  • The construction costs of prefabricated timber are very low unlike other building constructions.
  • The technologies and approach adopted in timber walls is different as they save construction materials.
  • Time and labour is also saved as but there is no compromise in the efficiency of floor space efficiency.
  • The maintenance of prefabricated timber walls is cheaper and convenient. The reason for this is that is has the facility of heat insulation.
  • Due to the heat insulation the timber houses are environment friendly. They require quite less amount of natural resources for consumption.
  • The technology that is used to construct timber houses satisfies any type of architectural requirements. Also you can search supplementary on prefabricated timber walls for your house, as per your requirement. The time that is required to construct timber houses is very efficiently used. The construction technology is helpful within maximum three months from the time of initiation.

The greatest advantage is that the construction can be carried out during any season. This can be achieved by the technology that is used in the construction. Moreover, the prefabricated timber houses are light in weight hence it will not subside unlike the other concrete houses.