Erase Infertility Woes With The Specialists

Infertility refers to the inability of a woman to conceive, carry and deliver a normal healthy child. This has a tremendous effect on the identity of a woman and this growing problem is not restricted to any particular society or culture in the world. For both a woman and her spouse or partner, parenthood represents one of the major transitions of adulthood and the prospect of being unable to fulfill the wish of bearing a child leads to a wide range of negative emotions. These emotions include anger, depression, anxiety and a general sense of worthlessness that can strain a woman’s relationship with her spouse or partner.

Erase Infertility Woes With The Specialists

The people of a Los Angeles are fortunate to have a prominent fertility center like Cha Fertility Center of the CHA Medical Group whose dedicated, reputed and experienced fertility experts and staff understands the plight of such childless couple. They are also aware of the indifference and social stigma these childless couples have to endure from the society they live and provide then the much need succor, advice and counsel they need before undergoing fertility treatments. However, the innovative treatments that the specialists at this unique fertility clinic provide have been a catalyst in fulfilling the dreams of these childless couples to become proud parents.

The fertility experts at Cha Fertility Center offer a wide range of fertility treatments to their patients depending upon their condition to enable them to experience the joys of parenthood. Some of the most unique and innovative fertility treatments that this prominent fertility offers its patients are as follows:

1. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The fertility experts at this prominent fertility clinic refer to this multistep procedure as a cycle that involves extracting and fertilizing the woman’s eggs with sperm of her spouse or partner under laboratory conditions. As soon as the embryos have developed, some of these embryos are stored while the fertility experts implant one or two of them in the woman’s uterus.

2. Artificial Insemination or Intrauterine insemination

Under this method, the fertility experts at Cha Fertility Center specially prepare (wash) the sperm of the woman’s spouse or partner before inserting it into her uterus through a thin flexible catheter. To enhance the chances of fertilization, the fertility experts prescribe fertility drugs to the woman before undergoing this treatment.

3. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection with IVF

Under this treatment, the fertility experts at Cha Fertility Center choose a healthy-looking, single sperm from the semen of the woman’s spouse or partner and inject into her eggs with the aid of a microscopic needle. As soon as the embryo develops, the fertility experts transfer these embryos to her uterus through IVF.

4. Ovulation Induction

Under this process, the fertility specialists at this prominent fertility clinic prescribe certain drugs in the form of injections or pills to the woman that stimulate her ovaries release multiply eggs in one cycle. This enhances her chances of conception through either normal sexual intercourse or Artificial insemination.

The unique fertility treatments that Cha Fertility Center under the CHA Medical Group offers it patients enhance their chances of being parents and removing the social stigma of being childless. Moreover, this unique fertility clinic has a higher percentage of success in such treatments as compared to their competitors in this field.