Five Qualities that makes a good nurse practitioner

To make a patient well and fit, a nurse performs substantial role along with the doctors and other medical practitioners. The profession of nursing is regarded as one of the noblest professions in the world. From comforting and increasing the confidence of the patient to administering the medicines in specific times, the contribution of nurse is manifolds. But the question arises what makes a good nurse? There are some specific traits that a nurse should exhibit. When a nurse will exhibit all these features, he or she can be successful in this profession. Some of these traits should come naturally while others develop through training and education. Gloria Pedruco, one of the most experienced nurse practitioner explains the most important features of a nurse:

Five Qualities that makes a good nurse practitioner


Every patient expects empathy and compassion from the nurses. They expect them to have deep awareness of the patient’s problems. The nurse should sympathize the patient and work to build up their confidence as this confidence can make a substantial difference. Hence, the sense of compassion among nurses is very important.


A person when sick may be anxious or upset. Also there will be countless number of such cases which requires immediate attention. Providing them hope and making quick decisions is one of the prime requisites of a nurse. Remaining calm and composed in these critical situations is not easy. But a nurse should be ready to face these situations and take accurate decisions.


In many occasions, the nurses need to face the relatives and patients as well and provide every information about the current situation. This requires straight and honest communication. A nurse should learn to behave fairly and ethically in every situation, how much complicated it may be.


A nurse performs various duties in the hospital. Giving medication, updating the patient condition, providing them care and many more includes into the duties of a nurse. Hence, the nurses need to be diligent with all their duties. They need to be focused, careful and attentive even to the smallest details.


Every nurse should have technical and clinical knowledge to succeed. They should develop patient assessment skills, have deep understanding of disease management protocols and communication skills. They should be well quipped with medical knowledge to development the human aspect of patient care.

These are the prime traits that a nurse practitioner should exhibit. Apart of these necessary qualities, the nurse should also know and understand the profundity of this profession. Helping a patient to get well and reuniting him or her with their family is a responsibility which also gives a heartwarming experience.

Gloria Pedruco also explains that this profession is emotionally and physically draining at times. But it is also rewarding as explained. Hence, it is also one of the most popular professions in the whole world. The career of a nurse offers a personal satisfaction which makes it popular choice for the teenagers as a career option. Hence, those who wish to build a prosperous future and want to purse this career and start learning these traits.