Wedding Marques: Getting the Best-Suited One

When it comes to choosing the right wedding marquee for you, there are multiple questions you need to ask yourself about logistics, timings and venue. There's also the style factor, and the need to imprint your own personality on your nuptials. Whether you're a stickler for the traditional big day, or you want something completely innovative, follow this guide for easy tips for choosing your perfect marquee.

Wedding Marques: Getting the Best-Suited One

Don't Forget the Basic Questions

It can be tempting to get sucked in by the excitement of planning your celebration, but taking a little time to first confirm what your needs are will simplify the whole process and ensure there's no last-minute disasters. Firstly, how many guests are invited? This will determine the size of marquee you need. Think closely about the range of guests invited and their ages. Are there children attending? Older guests? Is the event in the day or evening, or both? This will tell you what kind of lighting you need, and whether you need space for a disco area as well as a sit-down dinner. Don't forget to factor in the English weather, which can be unpredictable at best!

Speak to the Right People

Talk to your marquee contractor about these details, and they should be able to point out practical solutions. For example, if you require marquee wedding venues in Essex, companies like the Wedding Marquee Company and others can provide multiple sizes of tents and logistics. Any good marquee company will be able to adapt to your needs. Get multiple quotes by ringing different companies to discuss this, and look for testimonials from previous customers. When it comes to your big day, you can't afford to waste time on unprofessional businesses.

Adapt to Your Personal Style

While marquees can broadly be divided between traditional pole marquees and those with more complex framing, there are endless variations within these categories. Think about what style of marquee suits your celebrations - perhaps you and your partner will be dressed in vintage outfits on the day, which might be better suited to a pole marquee. Or perhaps you'd prefer a more contemporary, enclosed look. Whatever the case, decide early on your own taste to create a timeless and coherent event.

Have Fun with Interiors

Marquees aren't only about structures, a good marquee contractor should be able to advise you on furniture choices, or perhaps provide you with these as well. Lighting, colours, decorations, flowers…there are endless ways to personalise your marquee to make it your own. Talk with your partner about how your marquee will be decorated, and decide on a look for the interior. You can then progress to thinking about colour schemes and floral arrangements.

Choosing a marquee can be a simple process once you understand your own needs and wants. Don't be flummoxed by different types of structure or enchanted by pretty extras - all marquees can be made stunning with a little extra work. Stick with your logistical needs on the day and your own personal taste, and you can't go wrong.