Celebrities Who Are Also Great Inspirational Speakers

Celebrities are not just known for appearing on TV as actors, entertainers, hosts, analysts, and the like. Many of them also do speaking engagements in events, delivering talks with regards to the industry in which they became famous. Some of them also do speaking engagements that tackle certain aspects of their lives other than the profession in which they are known for. In any public or private gathering, organizers never fail to invite celebrity and inspirational speakers.

Celebrities Who Are Also Great Inspirational Speakers

Whether it is a company event, a school graduation exercise, a community outreach program, a healthcare advocacy, or any gathering, these individuals don’t only draw crowds, do meet-and-greets, create a buzz within or outside the organization, and boost the ticket sales of the event. Celebrity speakers would also deliver talks that would surely inspire people who are in attendance. Indeed, any event with a marquee personality in it can become a success, especially if the agenda or a cause is met.

Indeed, celebrities today keep themselves active when they are away from the glitz and glamor of being such by pursuing other interests such as business, finance, marketing, media, and the like, as well as other advocacies that tackle certain environmental and social issues. Some of them even provide motivational speeches, prompting guests, employees, graduating students, and others to be inspired with their thought-provoking sayings.

Meanwhile, here are some of the famous inspirational speakers that have accepted a lot of invitations from various organizations and entities to deliver exceptional speeches and talks to people in attendance:

  • Magic Johnson. An all-time basketball great, his jolly, infectious smile and engaging personality make him one of the best keynote speakers. After his retirement from the game, he continues to be active towards the community, especially in efforts to help raise awareness of HIV and AIDS. He is likewise an entrepreneur who has owned sports teams in Los Angeles, most recently the Dodgers baseball team.
  • Larry King. He may be retired from doing asking questions in his talk show, but the “King of Talk” continues to speak his mind full of insights, but through speaking engagements. Any event would surely be a hit with him telling the best stories, leaving audiences captivated and entertained.
  • Donald Trump. Not only is he a very successful businessman and entrepreneur, but he is also a well-known philanthropist. Having owned businesses nationally and internationally, his experiences have surely made them one of his talking points in his many speaking engagements.
  • Spike Lee. One of the famous directors in the U.S., he is also a talented actor, writer, and author. Most of his work focuses on social and political issues, especially with regards to race and even gender identity. Apart from displaying his artistic, he also gets to share his mind with regards the topics of his films and his many advocacies through his speeches and speaking engagements.
  • Richard Simmons. When it comes to motivation, he is one of the best. An expert in health and lifestyle, Simmons does speaking engagements for educational institutions and community programs eagerly and passionately, helping spread his advocacy of being healthy and fit.
  • Martha Stewart. An award-winning TV host, entrepreneur, and author, she is widely known for being an expert in lifestyle, providing millions of people with valuable information on how to cook, entertain, collect, and organize, just to name a few. Aside from appearing in front of TV audiences, she manages to make herself available in making speeches in events.

These are just some of the many celebrities who also serve as invited speakers in a lot of events. They are easily recognized just by mentioning their names, and with that, any event organizer, company, school, or organization can have great success in their conferences and talks just by having them there and delivering inspiring messages.