Golf For Flat Feet Individuals

Learning to play a new sport like golf is never easy says Jimmy Khezrie- an expert in golf in the USA. Unlike endurance sports such as soccer or basketball, it takes time to master golf. People, who intend to learn this sport quickly, can get frustrated easily. In this sport, you cannot just kick the ball into the goal or shoot it in a basket. There is much more to golf then other sports, as golf requires as high level of concentration and focus.

Golf For Flat Feet Individuals

If a beginner seriously wants to master golf, he/she should note that following five essential tips shared by Jimmy Khezrie while attending golf clinics or taking a series of golf lessons. These are as follows:

1. Start with putting

Most beginners learning this sport have gone to a mini golf course and find putting is easy to pick up and execute. However, this is in reality the smallest part of your golf swing and assists you in building the rest of the swing from it. For a beginner, it is important for you to find a reliable set up and routine to practice putting and you will find that it becomes consistent.

2. Move to clipping

Professional golfers use clip shots when the ball is lying on a flat surface within a few feet of the green. Many professionals in this sport call it the fringe but in most cases, it is fairway before you reach the green.The idea behind this shot is to land the ball on the green quickly and make the ball roll into the hole like a putt. This stroke is similar to a putting stroke and you will see the ball go up into the air for a while before rolling out towards its target.

3. Improve your swing with a pitch shot

To move the next shot around the green, all beginners need to learn and master how hit a pitch shot. In most cases, professional golfers hit this shot with a wedge of some kind and do not conduct a full swing. To execute this shot, you need to swing halfway back and forwards to hit a good pitch shot.

4. Learning the rules of the game before playing golf

As a beginner, before deciding to play golf on an actual golf course, you need to take some time to learn the fundamental aspects of the sport. You need to make sure that you understand how the rules work. This will assist you in making an honest score and make some real improvement. You may need a few lessons and quality time on the range before going to an actual golf course but as a beginner, you should never forget the rules.

5. Learn proper golf etiquette

For a beginner, it is important for you to learn and master proper golf etiquettes before going out on a golf course to play the sport. This will assist you in playing the game slowly without irritating the participants either behind or in front of you.

If you can learn and master proper golfing etiquettes, it will go a long way in improving your game with other golfers than your actual skill level says Jimmy Khezrie in the long run.