10 Tips For Beginner Weight Lifters

10 Tips For Beginner Weight Lifters - Weight lifting is both a joy and a duty. If you decide to become a weight lifter, be it on a professional capacity or just something to keep you busy on you spare time, you need to tell yourself that this is something that you want to put your focus on. Weight lifting is not a joke. It requires not just your time or attention, but also your dedication and will to succeed. For startup weight lifters, the beginning stage is the most difficult, but once you get through it, you’ll find yourself treading the path of Schwarzenegger, Rouge and Alexeev.

10 Tips For Beginner Weight Lifters

1. Set a goal

It all starts with wanting to achieve something. You want to succeed to becoming a weightlifter and also to keep yourself stay fit, healthy, and strong. Start your dream with a goal and make it doable, something that you can achieve within a time frame.

2. Put your mind on the right track

Once you’ve set a goal, stick to it no matter what. One way to make sure that you don’t forget it is to write and post it on the wall. The more you see it, the more you’ll be hooked to it. Be with the right person who will always remind you of your goal and motivate you to go further.

3. Set your Limits

One tip we’ve learned from the great ArnoldSchwarzenegger was to start with minimal lifting. One has to always start from one always. On and on the more you get accustomed, the more you could add on the weights.

4. Increase the weight as you go on

After starting with light weight, don’t stay too long lifting the same for a long time. The longer you’re hooked, the more you need to increase your lift’s weight. A rule of thumb is to add 10 lbs every month until you become a pro.

5. Avoid straining the same muscle group twice over

The shoulders & back (upper muscles), biceps, triceps & chest (middle muscles) and your abs & thighs make up the body’s muscle groups. Make sure not to strain one muscle group, rather spread the activity on all three groups.

6. Give attention to your legs

A lot of startup muscle builders have made the mistake of focusing on their arms and abs that they tend to forget the other parts of the body. It could be pretty awkward to see well-toned arms or a six-packed abs only to have small, tender legs as precarious as a chick’s.

7. Don’t go crazy over it

Yes, your goal is to become a great body builder but don’t let your whole life go around it. Spend at least two days a week away from your weight lifting gears. Better yet, give yourself a day’s interval each time you work out. Give your body the time to relax, enjoy a good night sleep and you’ll feel better every time you lift weights.

8. Condition your body before taking lifts

Stretching and flexing are SOP among athletes and body builders. There are two great benefits to this, which many pros seem to have overlooked: first, it prevents muscle aches because the blood could circulate properly, and two, because the body is well condition, injuries are kept at bay.

9. Keep your poise

Keeping your back to a straight position is one essential component of successful weight lifting. You’re wasting your time and energy if you do it the improper way. The best way to make sure that you’re doing the right thing is to face the mirror or ask a buddy to critique your action.

10. Eat the right food

Eat a healthy amount of food that will supply your body with protein, although it’s also important to make sure that you eat an adequate amount of carbs and other nutrients. Don’t forget to drink lots of water to keep you hydrated all day. Although it’s good to drink vitamins and supplements, remember nothing compares to a healthy diet.

Stick to these 10 tips and you’re guarantee to toning yourself on the shape that’s going to be every girl’s favorite and every guy’s envy!