Know Your Personal Injury Rights

Every year millions of Americans get injured in various accidents. However, most of these people do not require a lawyer since the accident could not have been prevented or that the injured was the only one responsible it. The law defines ‘personal injury’ as the damage or hurt done to a person physically & mentally. This does not include the damage done to their property but the injured can file a lawsuit against the person inflicting the injury and make claims before the law.

Know Your Personal Injury Rights

Lawyers mostly divide lawsuits of personal injury into 4 categories— product liability, medical malpractices, car accidents and all others are added to the personal injury section. The damages done by the injury too are segregated into three types, bodily/physical damages, IIED (intentional infliction of Emotional Distress) & NIED (Negligent Infliction of emotional distress). Depending upon whether there was intent on negligence on part of the responsible party, the injured is lawfully entitled to get full monetary compensation either through judgment in court or a settlement.

These injuries can happen with anyone at anytime and includes accidents at the workplace, in traffic, home, during holidays, on a cruise and due to defects in a product. Personal injury also pertains to workplace hazards that can occur while a person is at work. There are certain industrial diseases that can occur due to exposure to certain chemicals like asbestosis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, occupational deafness & stress, etc.

These cases are often quite complicated and require expert guidance from an experience law agency. A capable attorney like Jeff Glassman MA can surely help you in case of these problems since he is well aware of the clauses that are applicable in this case. Having over two decades of experience, Jeff & his team of lawyers know how to represent your case properly and get you the claim that you rightfully deserve.

In order for a party to be held liable for an incident, there are 4 conditions which need to be established in the court. Firstly, the party injuring you had a duty to act in a responsible manner under the given circumstances. Secondly, the party had breached the above duty. Thirdly, the party’s breach of duty caused you to be harmed. And lastly, you had to bear monetary damage as a result of their breach of duty. Also, the claim for personal injury has to be made within a period of three within the occurrence of the incident.

Since these laws are intricate, one needs the help of a good attorney who can simplify them and not only provide you with justice but also provide you maximum benefit for the pain you have suffered. Jeff Glassman MA is a veteran in cases related to personal injury and is renowned all over Boston as a workers’ compensation solicitor. He has an expert team of lawyers in Massachusetts can help you out with various types of claims, helping you get the right judgment, providing the right advice and preventing you from being tricked.